Celebrity Saturday: Miles Teller

To say that GQ is an inspiration is an understatement, the looks are always on point and there's always something new to be discovered. But when it comes to the stars the fill those pages, a certain level of skepticism as to whether or not they are actually stylish or even know what they're doing. One of those characters was Miles Teller, popping up relatively recently in the magazine donning some of the most affordable leather jackets for the fall. Very stylish, very chic, but going solely off of his movie roles as a college nerd or slacker, this fashionable facade didn't seems to fit. However, since his appearance in GQ, he has been spotted all over the scene in designers you only know about when you care about fashion and with a style that you'd only develop with some interest in your personal appearance. If anything can be learned from the new Mr. Teller, its that any look can be turned around or simply adapted, and the results are simply refreshing.
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