Threads for Thought: Bold Stripes

Change is an inevitable reality in fashion, both men's and women's, so it is important to tread lightly in new trends just in case they turn faux pas after a season or two. But then there come changes that subtly differ from the norm, but impact your style all the more.
Striped shirts are a dime a dozen, and not to take away from the crispness of a pinstripe or the preppy status of a Bengal stripe, but its about time that they got a revamp. Bold, thicker stripes are beckoning, turning up the proportions of the regular stripe to something much more powerful. The effect is similar to that of a highlighter to the print, going from comic sans in italics to impact in bold. The extra punch is going turn every look into a power look with almost no thought at all; style the thick striped shirts the same as you would any other stripe. Pretty soon, you'll find yourself resorting back to this variety more often than not.
Etro: $483
Hentsch Man: $175
Hawkes & Curtis: $48
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