A Strategy for Cyber Monday

And so has begun the holiday season after everyone stuffed their face with turkey and imbibed copious amounts of alcohol. Now despite the emphasis of this Thanksgiving weekend being on electronics sales, there are many more sales going on for apparel and accessories for men, but as with any thing Internet, there is way to much to sift through.
There are some amazing deals to be had, and Cyber Monday is the day to take care of any personal fashion and gifting needs. This is where the email notifications that spam your mailbox actually come in hand. Start with your inbox, find the brands that you know and trust and, most importantly, know your size with; this will make for the best possible fit and help to mitigate any possible returns that plague online shopping.

After the inbox, go through this progression to ensure you get the best deal:

  1. Department Stores: Will have a broad range of brands and great discounts
  2. Wholesalers: Usually already reduced and will have a nice discount kicker
  3. Mid-Priced Brands: A solid sale and clearance section and possible full-priced discounts
  4. Budget Brands: Trying to clear house for new merchandise, capitalize on basics
  5. Luxury Brands: Unlikely to have any sales or have "Thanksgiving Sales" that have already been picked over, but its worth a shot
One last thing to consider are shipping and return policies. Free shipping is obviously ideal, but shouldn't be a deal breaker, especially considering the deals you could be getting. With returns, most companies will credit back the value of the merchandise (not the shipping charge), but if an item is final sale, make absolutely sure it either fits or that you can at least gift off.

Also, check out the GQ Cyber Monday Guide, which as usual is thorough and extensive!