Wardobe Essentials: The Holiday Sweater

The time of year is here for bundling up, but the same old drab of solids and stripes, even the occasional argyle, gets old after a few weeks. Combine that with the lack of sun-supplied vitamin D, everyone is bound to get a little cranky!
This is where we begin thanking the lovely Shetlanders for devising a nifty breed of sweater that can liven up any sweater situation and also embrace the holidays in the best way possible. Fair Isle sweaters are knitted in a way that allows multiple color fibers to help create the intricate details that denote this genre. As with Tweed, another Shetland innovation, these sweaters are rugged and meant for long-lasting wear and keeping the cold at bay.

This style does lend itself to a high degree of seasonality, being truly acceptable for maybe two months of the year, so there are two ways to look at purchasing one of these dandy sweaters. The high road, or splurge, means looking for a model with the softest cashmere while staying exceedingly classic in appearance so it will be stylish from year to year. Then there is the year-by-year road that allows for more creative designs; possibly lower quality material, but the ability to change the look is a major plus.
Burberry: $595
Ralph Lauren: $225
J. Crew: $118
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