Monday Outlook: Monochrome

Being all mathcy-matchy isn't necessarily a good thing, coordinating different pieces together or trying matching patterns and colors together. Unless its perfectly executed, it ends up looking too "try-hard" and less elegant than it was supposed to.
Monochrome is the exception here, having similar colors playing off of each other to create a subtle difference between each piece within an outfit. Echoes of this trend came through this past spring in light pastels and in summery whites, but now the look is having its turn with some darker tones. Neutrals seem to have taken the forefront of this trend, with olive being the champion of the group. That's not to say that olive fall colors won't work; burgundy or orange can easily take this look over the top.
With the last two colors, execution is absolutely key, otherwise there's a risk of looking like a wine spill accident or a giant orange respectively. Neutrals are the perfect introduction to the monochromatic look, as the availability is there to layer in the pieces without too much shopping involved. Now the idea here isn't to match the colors together, but to provide subtle differences in shade as well as texture to make the look develop some texture like every other cold-weather look.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!