Monday Outlook: Burgundy and Blue

Color combinations are a dime a dozen when the weather allows for more than one or two layers. One of the more popular movements going around are monochromatic styles that harness the power of one color in multiple shades, but that doesn't mean color combos are out.
Another popular trend this season happens to be burgundy, and combining this color with another classic hue, navy, will make for a stunning duo. One quick look at a color wheel will reveal that blue and red are complementary colors, which means greater contrast and more depth for any cold-weather outfit.
Burgundy and navy present an easy combination because they are both classic tones that will last in any closet, they are subdued in nature as to not draw too much attention, and chances are both are probably already in your wardrobe. When sticking to just the two colors, its best to have one predominate the outfit with the other being used to highlight; accessories and lighter layers are essential for this. The other option is choosing to layer in lighter neutral tones to add some further depth, breaking up the darkness and creating a chic high-low effect.
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