Celebrity Saturday: Marlon Brando

Sticking with the badasses from the good ole days, we arrive at yet another American actor by the name of Marlon Brando. His most prominent role actually played him as a mobster in The Godfather, but off the set and in his many other roles, he perfectly portrayed the prototypical road warrior rebel. But the best part of his style was that he wasn't afraid to mix things up; an aviator cap with a moto jacket or a western motif with a cravat. Its nice to introduce a little mayhem like that into a look, the juxtaposition really sets everything off. It may take some time developing the image of a menswear expert, but once its established, try doing just the same thing, mixing and matching pieces from different genres of style.

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the week's topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity style influence!