Wardrobe Essentials: Houndstooth

Simple and clean looks with loads of depth and texture are essential to cold-weather style, but sometimes a wrench needs to be thrown into the engine to break up the monotony. That's what plaids, checks, and stripes are for, but are admittedly an unimaginative lot in terms of pattern.
Houndstooth is the answer to this creative issue, providing a unique take on a checkered print. Look closely at any Glen Plaid piece you have and at the intersection of the plaid will be a small cluster of the houndstooth pattern. Now take that, and blow it up to not so minute proportions, and create a style staple for many years to come. Traditionally available in white/cream and black, this pattern will jive well with any and all colors.
There are two routes to take on the houndstooth journey, clothing and accessories. Overcoats? Blazers? Pants? Shirts? Pretty much any piece of apparel out there will be made up in houndstooth somewhere, it just takes some searching. Accessories are where the fun is at, with ties and pocket squares and hats, oh my! There are plenty more examples, but the idea here is to blow up the pattern so that everyone knows that it is indeed houndstooth on your person.
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another piece that needs to be in your closet!