Threads for Thought: Backpacks

There is always a need for the formal briefcase, even with designers breaking the mold with bright and bold versions. But its about time there is a change of character to everyday character, and that doesn't mean just having a shoulder strap and calling it a messenger bag. No, its time for a game change.
Similar to the bold briefcase move, designers are looking to utilize their luxe talents on backpacks to really make a splash. This move is going to be huge this fall/winter as no one wants to be caught holding any bag without gloves, so eliminate the risk entirely with two straps on your back. It is important to consider the lifestyle that it will be used in. Leather will be more formal and cotton or wool will be more casual, and the shape of the pack will need to accommodate what will be going in it. All these factors fuel the decision, but at the end of the day, buy what feels right and something that is really going to get a lot of use.
Louis Vuitton: $2440
Gucci: $850
Herschel: $55
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