Tech Tuesday: The Q Bracelet

Available for Apple and Android products.
Most of the wearable technology "breakthroughs" have been made with accessories and used as a measure to interact with your phone or tabletop any other smart device, but there haven't been very many waves elsewhere. Last week I detailed the Polo Tech Line from Ralph Lauren, which is quite revolutionary in its approach to the Internet of things, but yet again, something that requires a direct link to your phone for effective use. The Q Bracelet, by Q Designs, is a new concept that merges fashion and portable charging. The simple design features a metal casing in a variety of popular finishes, which keeps it looking fashionable and timeless, all while concealing a powerful lithium ion battery that can charge your phone up to 60%; you can't tell me that won't come in the clutch at some point in your hectic life. The better news? This is only the first of Q Designs innovations, so be on the lookout for this company and all their exciting new products.

Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your wardrobe and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!