Monday Outlook: Shearling

Cold-weather gear is all about functionality and cold-weather style is all about the layering of these simple and functional pieces to create a unique weight to your outfit that you can't get in spring and summer. Combining leathers and wools, flannels and quilted fabrics, these combinations all lend to a gravity that is indicative of the fall/winter style.
A little Black and Tan goes a long way!
One of the key trends for the upcoming season happens to be shearling, a finish to coats that creates extra depth by combining a fur lining to the collar of a jacket. The jacket itself can be any type of fabric, cashmere or even a contrasting fur, but the main point of shearling is to create a differentiated and defined collar. Although typically reserved for lambskin or sheepskin, this year designers are introducing luxe furs to provide an elevated look for the wearer.
Fur on suede is a great combo.
This style is reserved for outerwear, as the fur acts as a buffer between the elements and your neck and face, so it won't be found on tailored pieces such as a sport jacket. Rule of thumb with shearling is to go with what is most comfortable to you in both the neck and the body. If you love cashmere, stick to items featuring that as the main construction and then focus on narrowing down the furs that you want in the collar. Just remember, the piece you buy will more than likely carry a hefty price tag with it, so make sure this will be something that functions in your wardrobe for winters to come, not just 2015-2016.
Just a little something Balmain has in store this season.
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