Monday Outlook: Raglan Outerwear

You all know the t-shirts that are synonymous with baseball, with the white body and contrasting colored sleeves, usually a crew neck. The special thing about these shirts are that the arm sleeve is attached at the neck of the shirt, not the shoulder, making it a raglan tee.
Outerwear? You know Burberry is in on it.
Now take that concept, and toss it in the mixer with outerwear, and you'll have exactly what designers are doing for their fall/winter collections this year. As with the t-shirt variety, the over coats, parkas, any of the outwear varieties, are going to have a very relaxed feel that allows for a freer range of motion  than traditional constructions. It also mean that something more structured will have to be worn underneath, such as a sport coat or leather jacket, to help give the garment some shape and not look so laissez faire.
Notice the stitch line between the chest and the shoulder.
The same rules apply with raglan outerwear as with traditional outerwear, but as I mentioned, you will need something underneath it. Make sure the piece will go well with the majority of your suits, sport coats, and jackets, and you'll be in clear skies; metaphorically though, because its probably going to rain or snow most of the time. With that being said, feel free to play a riskier hand with a trendy item featuring orange or turquoise and see where it takes you.
You can do anything in raglan outerwear.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight into the coming months!