Monday Outlook: Fall Foliage

The same way the flowers begin to blossom beautifully in the spring, so do the leaves wonderfully wilt and wane to change colors in the fall, creating a myriad of mixed warm tones that really make autumn one if the more beautiful seasons next to spring. With spring, there are spring florals for just about everything and the designers have decided to try it on for size this fall.
A great floral shirt example.
Think of all the hues that come with a fall/ winter color palette. Plenty of deep warmth mixed with even deeper cool hues that create a high contrast of complementary colors; these colors set the theme for fall florals or, as I like to refer to them, fall foliage. This toned down version of spring florals will work well to help you transition from summer to fall and be a go to up until the cold of winter when there aren't any more leaves to be found.
And a great example of fall floral pants.
Shirts and print pants are going to be key here, as they will highlight any outfit and help to liven up an otherwise dull palette. The shirt can either be worn on its own as a statement or subdued under a neutral sport coat; try the air tie with that look, major style points. With the pants, if they are going to be wild, then keep the rest of your garb simple so it doesn't look like you're overdoing it or taking away the attention that your new pants well deserve.

Check in tomorrow for some exciting new technology and next Monday for further fashion insight into the coming months!