Celebrity Saturday: Kanye West

Say what you want about the man, I know he's not high up on my favorites list, but this man is one of the most talented artists of his generation. Kanye West is definitely out there, and if you've seen any of his talk show appearances or read any of his interview with GQ this month, you'd be reaffirmed of his intense narcissism.But hey, when you know you have the goods, why not let everyone know it. Outside of his musical endeavors, Kanye also tries his hand at design most notably with his Nike collaboration for the Red October sneaker and most recently his work with French brand A.P.C., both of which released with a craze reminiscent of The Beatles invasion of the States. If you want to take any cues from Yeezy, go all out on your goods, buy the absurd and splurge on some luxe items. Oh yeah, and don't let other people and their opinions bother you.

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the weeks topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity influence!