Celebrity Saturday: David Gandy

For those of you that don't closely follow the fashion world, this figure may not be familiar to you, he is what Kate Upton or Candice Swanepoel of the men's wear world. For those of you that are well versed, David Gandy is the main man when it comes to Dolce & Gabbana, having modeled for them for years in their marketing campaigns and fashion shows. His introduction to the modeling world single handedly shook the foundations of the modeling landscape, altering the norm from skinny to muscular. Nowadays, you'll still find modeling, but he is more visible on red carpets than runways, and the best part about that? You get to see his true style! Suits are his uniform and your takes on this matter are that you need a good tailor so that all your jackets will fit as glove-like as Gandy's do.

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the week's topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity influence!