Wardrobe Essentials: Windowpane Three-Piece

There are very few purchases in your life that become focal points in your wardrobe. One of those purchases tends to include suits due to the fact that they can be worn as a suit altogether, just the jacket as a sport coat, or just the pants as dress slacks; throw a vest into that mix and the combinations are endless (not really, but bear with me).
David Gandy doing his David Gandy thing.
This coming fall/winter season as well as seasons before it and for many seasons to come, the windowpane check will be in high demand and high fashion. Plaids are a quintessential cold-weather pattern, and windowpane is a unique twist on the category, blowing the proportions out of the water with narrow lines and broad spaces between. Most men are lacking in this necessity and having one in your arsenal will give you that extra leg on your competition.
Idris Elba doing his thing too.
I argue for the three-piece variety for two reasons, warmth and versatility. The vest acts as an extra layering piece, keeping the crisp winter air out and you comfortably warm. As for versatility, the trend is toward separates, meaning that your new suit will look just as good together as it will when worn with a couple pieces missing. Northerners should be in the market for a heavier wool, and a tropical wool or cotton if you're in the south, but no matter what the fabric, make sure its a chalk line windowpane for added texture and definition.
Indochino: $729
Suit Supply: $599
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another wardrobe style staple!