Wardrobe Essentials: Dark Denim

This spring and summer saw a full-fledged plunge into the world of indigo and denim, from the deepest and darkest selvedge to super faded and distressed lightweight denims. The fall/winter looks to stay suit with the involvement of denim in style, and it'll be the same story season after season after season, denim is going no where.
There is one denim in particular that you need to have in your closet that will be just as easy to wear casually as you can dress them up. Dark denim is so hard to find these days as designers look to add "character" to their jeans, whether its garish branding or treatments to age the denim. Thankfully a movement of selvedge companies have helped to reinvigorate the love of natural denim, and now you can find it in just about every store.

With the variety out there, its up to you to find the right jeans for you. If you're one of the so-called denim purists, then go for selvedge, but if you're not up to breaking in a pair of jeans, then just avoid them altogether. For the jean shopping, remember that it is a process that is going to take more than just taking a pair off the shelf; dress comfortable and wear shoes that you'll be wearing with the jeans. Make sure the fit is perfect to what you want them to fit like except in the waist, get those a half size smaller as the jeans will expand with wear.
7 for All Mankind: $178
Ralph Lauren: $100
Gap: $70
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