Monday Outlook: Orange

There are a lot of colors that get thrown around from season to season, but they typically follow the "cools in the winter, warms in the summer" mainstay. But last spring, indigo became the go to color, breaking the mold and opening up the winter to some warmer options.
Orange hasn't exactly been a popular color in recent memory, but it made its appearance on significant scale during the AW14/15 runway shows, intermixed with the darker turquoise I mentioned a couple weeks ago. When you think of the two together, it gives off a hunter vibe, but if done the right way, the high contrast between the two colors will add depth and definition to your look, while awakening drab winter colors.
Think of orange as a way to draw attention to a specific area of your outfit, not so much a focal point but a guide to other pieces that you're wearing. An orange tie will draw the eye in and reveal the texture of pattern of the shirt you're wearing, just the same as a shirt or pocket square would for a rich wool sport coat. Essentially, don't go all out on an orange investment piece like a suit or shoes, and instead look for accessories and less expensive layering pieces that will go with your existing wardrobe. Also, be careful of solid orange items as they can overpower and instead opt for patterned pieces.

Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for more fashion insight for the coming months!