Monday Outlook: Plaid Pile-On

In a previous installment of my Friday Faux Pas, I mentioned something about being too matchy matchy, and I still stick true to that mentality. But this fall, with the resurgence of layering there comes the opportunity to play and combine a variety of patterns and fabrics together and flirt with the "matchy matchy" line.
This jacket...
Take for example the glen plaid suit or sport coat, filled with texture and intrigue, but ultimately a checked suit. Combine that with a gingham shirt, a checkered tie, and a plaid pocket square, and you'll have yourself an outfit with ample depth and detail to distinguish each item from the next. The most important thing to consider when attempting this look is to avoid any plaids or checks that are too similar as to risk any sameness in your combination.
...with this shirt and tie...
There aren't all that many different ways to create a plaid or checkered pattern; they're either orthogonal or diagonal, wide or tight. Color and fabric is key in this style move, so don't be afraid to combine some colors that you wouldn't usually do. However, I do recommend using a glen plaid jacket as it is an everyman staple item and will allow you to use other patterns within the outfit; with that said, if you have a gingham sport coat or window pane suit, then by all means.
...and this pocket square!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further insight into the coming fashion trends!