Monday Outlook: Hunter Turquoise

Fall and winter usually means very withdrawn and neutral heavy palettes that aren't exactly awe-inspiring. Layering of patterns and fabrics is the usual way of going about a creative style in the colder months, but there has been a movement in a new color that was once reserved for women's clothing.
Thanks to a darker remix of this bluish-green shade, turquoise has bridged the gap over to menswear, and it's looking very sharp. No doubt, indigo and navy are going to play a significant role in your closet for years to come, but when done correctly, there's no reason turquoise won't vibe wonderfully along side. And even without the navy, turquoise will provide a much needed pop of color to your gray and brown suits that have been collecting dust in your closet.
Even though this is going to be a nice color addition for you, I doubt that this trend will stick for very long, so don't go buying a turquoise suit or other investment piece. Find a shirt or a lightweight sweater that will easily layer into fall and winter, or even play with the accessories like scarves, ties, and pocket squares that you won't have to think twice about. Don't let the color dominate you or your outfit though, wear it with subtlety so that it draws the eye closer, distinguishing the other pieces around it.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for more fashion trend insight for the coming months!