Monday Outlook: Black & Tan

I wish we were talking about the delightful beverage they call a Black and Tan, but we must stay on topic this Monday. The upcoming movement may very well define your wardrobe in the cooler months and will provide you with a multitude of staples to carry you into future seasons down the road.
Full on adoption of Black & Tan.
Black and Tan is one of the most classic of color combinations, popularized by the British during the Pre-Colonial period when they still had the false notion that Scotland and Ireland were there's. Nowadays, you see it occasionally and may accidentally put the combination together yourself, but the fall/winter 2014 aims to bring it to the forefront. Leathers, fabrics, and furs all sporting the contrasting hues, some (leopard print) even mingle the two together.
Leather and shearling will be big too.
This trend is going to be very easy to adopt seeing as your closet is already filled with all forms of Black and Tan, it's just a matter of how you're going to express these old pieces in new ways. Or if you're looking to replace some older items, you'll be able to do so knowing that those pieces are timeless (unless its leopard). With that in mind, splurge a little bit, buy that big ticket item that you've had your eye on or stock up on essentials, it's your call.
Notice the shoes! Great transition rig from summer to fall.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting tech and next Monday for more fashion trend insight for the coming months!