Monday Outlook: All Chrome Everything

There exists a bit of a fuzzy, transitional area between summer and fall where you're not really sure whats going on with the weather. Designers usually dub their collection releases during this transition "Resort" or "Cruise" lines in addition to the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections.
Two guys that know all about the chrome.
This year's transition is going to be marked with chrome, and lots of it. Designers across the board are adding chrome accents or even completely bringing out entire pieces of their lines. Now to clarify, this is not the metal chrome we're talking about, but instead various metallic tones of patent leather. This will add to the leather that is already going to be popular in th fall and winter and add a unique contrast to the furs that are making a come back.
A sneak peak at the upcoming Gucci Horsebit loafer.
Gucci's classic horsebit loafer is getting a chrome spectator revamp while Ralph Lauren is launching a gold women's accessory line;you know it's a big deal when the major fashion houses are going all in. I highly recommend chrome accessories, which will add some serious pop to any outfit without screaming for too much attention, and avoid major pieces being chrome as you may come off a bit too disco-ballish. Also, find a tone you're comfortable with and stick with it, and if you happen to like them all, just make sure your jewelry is in tune with everything as well.
Street trainers in chrome are a definite eye catcher.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for insight into the upcoming months' fashion trends!