Monday Outlook: The Purse Pants

I'm sure your closet is stacked to the brim with jeans and pants that despite having different colors, patterns, or fabrics, they all share the same silhouette and construction. That being the flat-front, plain pant look that has stagnated in style for a good while now.
Pair them with chambray like this for some extra style points.
Not to say that I'm not a fan of plain pants, but there has been a reemergence in a variety that adds a sense of ruggedness to any rig you're rocking. Cargo pants are like wearable purses for men, and were originally used in WWII by paratroopers to carry everything they needed into war. Now you might not need ammo or rations for your day-to-day, but everyday carry essentials like your phone or notepad become less of a hassle with cargos.
This will be a good look to transition into fall with.
They are easily applicable to a Thursday topic but I decided to cover this as a trend seeing as it has come back in quite a wave in the fashion industry. It started as a transition piece from the winter into the spring, and I have a feeling that this will carry over into next winter as well. Keep them slimmed down and streamlined to avoid looking all bagged out and keep with the earthy tones to ground every outfit they're paired with.
Keep in simple, no need to over do it.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for more fashion trend insight for the coming months!