Monday Outlook: Leathery Denim

Last week we covered the trend towards summer denim, lightweight and lighter washed jeans that blend perfectly with other airy fabrics and patterns while adding gravity to it all. This week is a pseudo-piggybacking of that topic but with more relevance to your transition into the fall.
Notice the difference between regular and waxed denim
Waxed denim is making its way to the forefront designer style books across the men's fashion world. By waxing the fabric of a denim piece, it takes on the look of leather or suede depending on the treatment, but without the weight of a leather piece; you'll also have the added benefit of the garment being highly water resistant! 
Mixing and matching denim is always allowed.
These pieces will blend well with the reintroduction of leather back into your wardrobe mix for the coming cooler months as they look like leather, but with much more variety of detail. Combining this trend with the whole military and automotive movement will help create a rugged look. It can even be paired with some of your spring and summer pieces to make for a seamless transition into the fall.

Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for more trend insight for the coming months