Wardrobe Essential: Grey Slacks

Looking back on my previous Wednesday posts, if you follow my advice somewhat closely, you'd be a man with suits, shoes, shirts, sport coats, ties, etc. One item that has been left on the proverbial wall are pants, but this is only due to the fact that everyone has specific tastes for what they prefer to wear.
Wade knows how to wear them formally.
One of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe other than my white dress shirt happens to be a pair of dark grey dress pants that have a slight pattern on them, only noticeable up close. Nevertheless, these pants go with just about every shirt, shoe, and sport coat I own and is my go-to when I have no other ideas to work with.
Levine knows how to wear them casually.
The fabric is entirely up to you, but take into consideration where and when you will be wearing them; warmer climate wearers should opt for cotton or lightweight wool and cooler should opt for a thicker wool or heavy cotton fabric. The real decision is in the pattern, and I highly recommend not picking plain-Jane grey. Instead, go with a classic pattern (Glen Plaid, small houndstooth, insert iconic pattern here) and they will pair effortlessly with your entire wardrobe.
Express: $77
J. Crew: $88
Topman: $120
Check in tomorrow for a style piece that begs your consideration and next Wednesday for another essential addition to your wardrobe!