Celebrity Saturday: Neil Patrick Harris

There are plenty of celebrities out there that take style to another level, athletes that make clothes look better than they ever will on you, and then there is this man who does both with ease. Many of you know him as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother (R.I.P.) and some remember him from his movie and TV roles from the 90's.
Kimmel can't figure out why no one is listening to him. Because NPH!
Neil Patrick Harris is the epitome of the all around actor, performing for the camera as well as on stage with a resume of roles that upcoming actors dream of. Although NPH is a bonafide lady killer as Barney Stinson, he is gay in real life and married to David Burtka who would probably score higher in the fashion department.
NPH sporting some serious street style.
Fashion and style is all about trends, which means that there is a certain level of influence needed to sway certain trends to the forefront and NPH always seems to find a way to do this all on his own. AS last years Emmy Award Show, as the host, he came out with an amazing musical number followed by a stunning burgundy velvet tux jacket, easily taking the Best Dressed award from the event; the following week, I spent my time hunting for a similar jacket for an upcoming wedding. He is truly and molder and strong influencer of fashion, one to be considered as your source of style inspiration.
Check in tomorrow for the weekly recap and next Saturday for more fashionable celebrity influence!