Tech Tuesday: Is Your Brew Micro?

There are two crazes currently blowing up in the drinking world, whiskey and craft beer, so much so that the growth in both markets are noticeable in the finance world. Whiskey is quite easy to figure out who is distilling it and where it's from simply by tasting it and doing a little due diligence on the label. Craft beer is a different story entirely.

Not that this is a craft beer, but most people are unaware that Killian's Irish Red is actually brewed in America by the Coors Company; it's not advertised on the bottle whatsoever and you'd have to pull out Google just to find that information. Now multiply this situation by 100 and you have predicament that most micro brew enthusiast run into, "Where/who is brewing my beverage?". Not always the easiest question to answer, but as always, there's an app for that.
An intuitive layout that lets you know your brew is legit.
Craft Check recently released on the App Store and simply by scanning the bar code on the bottle/box/case, you'll be able to discern a true micro brew from Anheuser-Busch trying to trick you into buying some mass-made specialty beer. I am an advocate of the craft beer movement and do my best to sample anything that is new, so needless to say that for only $1, I will be using this app very frequently.

Check in tomorrow for another fashion necessity for your closet and next Tuesday for some more exciting tech!