Threads for Thought: The Knit Blazer

So I'm going to branch away from my Thursday Threads topic and change it up, now highlighting a new and exciting style piece that you should consider for your wardrobe. It'll be different than my Wardrobe essentials topic in that these items won't make or break your closet, but they'll sure add some flair to it.
The patch pockets ad some casual vibes to this blazer to the Military knit.
Not that the knit blazer is a new thing, but most clothiers' knit options were classically cut and would need some expert tailoring just to look presentable. I came across one in Brooks Brothers last week and tried it on for shits only to be disappointed by how loose it was throughout, most importantly the torso and sleeves.

Everlane, an Internet based company specializing in basics, have recently launched a new line of the blazer option that they claim will feel like a broken in sweater and looks like you're fresh out of the office. I haven't personally had a chance to try any of Everlane's offerings, but from what I could gather, they provide quality basics that will last like any designer brand because they're made in the same factories and at a transparent as well as very low cost for what you're buying.
The Navy slim knit is a solid choice for only $98.
I highly approve of Everlane, and have already registered for the Grey Knit Blazer wait list. Keep your eyes peeled for other designers to release similar products and make sure to give them a try!

Check in tomorrow for some more of my style pet peeves and next Thursday for some new threads that require your consideration and exploration!