Monday Outlook: Take Your Grandpa's Style

Thanks to work of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their hit Thrift Shop, thrifting isn't just something for hipsters, it has become a mainstream necessity. But I I'm not referring to the art of thrifting in this post, I'm referring to a line in the song: "Ima take your grandpa's style". Last week, I detailed the rebirth of high-waisted pants, and that's not the only thing that's going all 50's on us.
Miami Vice? Yeah, probably.
This Spring/Summer, designers have pushed for a mid-century modern style that will have you scouring your elders' collections for something that fits. The movement is calling for spread collars, you know the kind, the ones that cover the lapel on your suit jacket. Also, lapels are going to be getting a little wider to accommodate for the thicker shirt collars, and yes, high-waisted pants.
American Gangster? Yeah, probably.
It is a natural thing for trends to make comebacks and get recycled, but unless you're really desperate to get in touch with your ancestral roots via clothing, I wouldn't recommend splurging on this movement. Chances are, this look will fade away faster than most and will return to narrow lapels and semi-spread collars.
Casino Royale? Yeah, probably.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for another preview into upcoming fashion trends.