Tech Tuesday: Pebble Steel

The latest and greatest in technology right now is wearable technology! Phone watches, Goggle Glass, HUD displays on biker helmets, the list goes on, but the one problem with all of these innovations is...THEY'RE UGLY! The utility is there, its just the fact that you don't want to be "that guy" with the doo-hickie on his head. January's issue of Wired Magazine featured the work of Branch, an industrial design consultancy, who created a concept smart watch and smart glasses that actually look like something you could not only wear, but make a statement with.

One of the companies in this wearable technology category is Pebble, a smart watch company that was first seen on Kickstarter less than two years ago. The watches were compatible with iPhone and Android and capably ran a number of apps that are more than useful. Utility, check. Fashionable...not so much. The first release looked like G-Shock had a baby with a smart phone. Late developments, however, have shown that Pebble is on the move to creating a smart watch that stick out like a sore thumb with their new and improved Pebble Steel line. Sold in brushed stainless steel and black matte finishes, each unit comes with both the leather and metal strap to give you two looks in one, and all for the low price of $250!

Form and Function in one. Well done Pebble.
Keep your eye out for similar moves within the industry because once wearable technology becomes attractive, its going to start a revolution (cue smart phone flashbacks). Throw a comment in if you find any similar innovations out there. Check in next Tuesday for more tech and daily for more posts.