On Branding...

I decided to save this post for a day where most people will be too busy watching football or finishing up there Christmas shopping. Being newly out of college, having a limited source of income, looming college loan repayment, and not knowing where I may be 2 months from now, I have to be very savvy with anything I buy. Do I really need that amazing camel wool peacoat? Maybe not, but what if I move to New York...you see my dilemma.

Now one of the things I am particularly frugal about is splurging on designer brands when there is an equally attractive option for half the price. Clearly, the more expensive item will be of higher quality, last longer, and allow you the self gratification of knowing you own a pair of Gucci Horse-bit Loafers or a Louis Vuitton dress shirt. In some instances, however, skimping on the designer item is just not an option; the quality and workmanship of a designer suit (Ralph Lauren Purple Label for example) cannot be substituted for a similar get up at H&M.

By all means, if you have the money to, buy the top of line. Get those loafers from Ferragamo and that sweater from Burberry, but if you don't have that kind of depth in your pocket, here are some options:

Gucci Lace-up: $530
ALDO Johniken: $110
Both examples are representation of the lace-up, cap-toe design; very dressy and timeless. The quality of the Gucci shoe is obviously going to be better, but if you don't have the means to get them, then ALDO is a viable option.

Girogio Armani Tie: $117 on sale
TheTieBar.com Ground Stripe - Red: $15
Very similar ties in that power red that needs to be done right in the office. Although the colors are different, both are a Jacquard woven, 100% silk tie that won't dissapoint.

I could do this all day, finding affordable alternatives for expensive designer items, but I think you get the gist of it. If you don't have the patience to be savvy, but have the money, splurge knowing you'll get a quality product. But if you work at it just enough, theres a good chance you'll find a quality product for a great price.

Happy Sunday everybody!