Spring Reboot with Cat Footwear

I know its still chilly up north, but I'm fairly certain that Mother Nature has concluded her nonsense for the year. And being in South Florida, I can't say I had to bear the brunt of any frigid cold this year (although, it did dip down into the 30's one day), I can say I endured my own little flurry recently. It's bad enough coming home from work after a long day, but worse so when life throws a cherry on top, in this case a fallen wardrobe shelf protruding through my closet doors. Needless to say it wasn't a pleasant experience digging my mangled clothes from the sartorial wreckage, but it did finally push me to do some much needed spring cleaning and lighten up on some of my stuffier digs. 

Heavy jackets saw their way to storage, woolen sweaters off to Goodwill, and some extreme vetting of my winter boots was underway; it was time to part ways with pieces I hardly wore anymore. Bridging the gap between winter and spring can be especially difficult when it comes to footwear. The spring transition still requires a touch of rugged for staving off that late flurry or surprise Nor'easter (oh, hey there Stella) while still remain airy enough to wear on a midday stroll, calling for an all-purpose option that can do both. The Ike boot from Cat Footwear provides that versatility in a classic silhouette, featuring detailed artisanal leather and a lightweight construction, making for a buttery smooth look. These shots were taken at South Inlet Park in 80 degree heat, yet my feet stayed cool and comfortable as I bounced around the rocks of the inlet. Pick up your pair HERE or delve through some of the other great options that Cat Footwear has to offer this season.

I'd like to thank Cat Footwear for providing me with these awesome boots, I can't wait to put the to the test when I take them hiking with me in North Carolina. Purveyors of individuality and making a scene, I'm proud to be one of their ambassadors! Check them out on Twitter and Instagram @CatFootwear or on their FaceBook for even more great content. And as always...

Be Dapper. Be Different.