Luxe on the Water

This week marked the first was of fall in South Florida, with temperatures dipping down for the first time almost into the 40's. It was fun to see everyone in the office today breaking out the fall colors and extra layers. This is about as bad as our winters get down here, however, with a cold spurt here and there followed by a streak of open, balmy skies. The conditions were fairly similar to my trip to Lake Tahoe where I had a chance to combine sportiness with luxury, as I took a swanky pair of loafers out on the water.

Sebago is most known for its Northeastern heritage, garnering a reputation for detail and quality, they make some of the best shoes in the USA. For my western cruise, I donned the ever elegant Legacy Penny loafer that was updated this season with an unexpected forest shade; they suggest contemporary without rubbing it in your face. My favorite combination for these penny loafers is a pair of rugged jeans balanced with luxe touches (e.g. cashmere cable-knit sweater) or a preppy homage (tweed jackets, rugby polos, oxfords, you name it); in this instance, I opted for both. If green isn't quite your shtick, Sebago has plenty of classic hues to help you live your best.

I'd like to thank Sebago USA and AMP3 PR for giving me such a great opportunity to represent such a great brand.