Best Of: Corduroy Suits

We're going to get fairly specific with this clothing classification, the corduroy suit, the beautifully clashy contrast between the formality of your board room armor with the ruggedness of the waled cotton fabric. Whether it's thin or wide, something about the fabric seems to make colors that much more impactful; not to mention the added textural interest that it inherently adds to any garment. An otherwise dull black suit is given a refined preppy edge while an otherwise overbearing teal gains depth and dimensional interest. While on my hunt for corduroy suiting, I came to two realizations: 

  1. Most of the options to choose from are actually suit separates, which is great for matching to your preferred sizing without much alterations, but could also lead to a full suit not being available later i the season.
  2. Not very many designers came out with their own iteration of the style, making variety hard to come by, again making the availability later in the season unlikely.

Notice how both of those points ended on the availibility note? It's to emphasize that this suit isn't going to make it to the sale rack and to take advantage of this style swerve, you need to act fast. Check out some of the best options out there and be on the lookout for other corded treasures, you never know what you'll find.